Explain why halogens have maximum electron gain enthalpy in their respective periods.

halogens are present in the group 17 in periodic table.

they needs only one electron in their outermost subshell to attain noble gas configuration and becomes stable...

so they try to get one electron in their outermost subshell and thus their electron gain enthylpe is high....

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Because of small size nd high eff.nuclear chrge ...it readily accept e-..to attain noble gas configuration
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Bcz they are very electronegative .their size is small so nuclear charge is high .Therefore it is easy to gain an electron instead of removing an electron..
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Halogens have small size thus the effective nuclear charge is very high as compared to other p-block elements. They have 7 electrons in their valence shell and due to high electronegativity conferred by small size and high effective nuclear charge they have high E.G.E.
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