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"Mr. Otis suddenly remembered that, some few days before, he had given a band of gipsies permission to camp in the park. He accordingly at once set off for Blackfell Hollow, where he knew they were, accompanied by his eldest son and two of the farm-servants. The little Duke of Cheshire, who was perfectly frantic with anxiety, begged hard to be allowed to go too, but Mr. Otis would not allow him, as he was afraid there might be a scuffle. On arriving at the spot, however, he found that the gipsies had gone, and it was evident that their departure had been rather sudden, as the fire was still burning, and some plates were lying on the grass'
Novel:The canterville ghost

Virginia could not be located and the family searched for her frantically. That was when he remembered that some gypsies were camping in his grounds. fearing the worst, he rode towards their camp with his eldest son and two servants. he did not allow Duke of Cheshire to accompany them as he felt that there could be a fight and he did not want him to get hurt. Once he reached at the campsite, he saw that the gypsies had left in a hurry. He feared for his daughter's safety as he felt she had been kidnapped.

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