Explain these lines:-

Line 1:- It was said to have turned Lord Raker's wig grey in a single night and had certainly made three of Lady Canterville's French governesses give  warning before their month was up. He accordingly laughed his most horrible laugh, till the old vaulted roof rang and rang again, but hardly had the tearful echo died away when a door opened. and Mrs. Otis come out in a light blue dressing-gown.

Line 2:- The ghost glared at her in fury, and began at once to make preparations for turning himself into a large black dog, an accomplishments for which he justly renowned, and to which the family doctor always attributed the permanent idiocy of Lord Canterville's uncle, the Hon. Thomas Horton. The sound of approaching footsteps however, mad him hesitate in his fell purpose, so he contented himself with becoming faintly phosphorescent. 


Dear student,
The ghost of Canterville, Sir Simon, was proud of his horrible demonic laugh that had turned Lord Raker's hair grey overnight as it was terrifying. His scary laugh had made three governesses to give in their resignation before completing a single month of work. he decided to use this blood-curdling laugh to scare the Otis family: his laugh rang all around the house, but it did not have the desired effect. Instead, Mrs Otis walked out of her room to offer the ghost a bottle of medicine!
he then decided to change form and become a black dog: a visage that had turned Thomas Horton insane. But, he had to drop this idea when he heard someone's footsteps. So, he became phosphorescent and vanished.


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