Explain the various types of itinerant retailers operating in India.

Following are the four types of Itinerant retailers found in India:

a. Peddlers and Hawkers- These retailers do not have any shops for operation and move from place to place carrying their goods on cycles, rickshaws or carts in order to reach out to their customers. They generally sell goods that are low in price and quality.

b. Market traders- These retailers sell their goods on fixed days or dates and often deal in a single product line, for instance, fabrics or ready-made garments. 

c. Street traders- They are small retailers who generally sell low-priced consumer items such as stationary items, eatables, newspapers and magazines. Such traders are most commonly found in crowded places like railway stations and bus stands.

d. Cheap jacks- They are small independent retailers mostly found near business localities and deal in low-priced consumer items. They render variety of services such as repair of watches, shoes and buckets.

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