Explain the relationship between political and economic?liberty

Political liberty refers to liberty in the realm of politics. This refers to liberties like the freedom of speech, freedom to stand for public office and freedom to criticize the government. Economic liberties refer to freedom from poverty and unemployment.

Political liberties are regarded as the more fundamental form of liberty as without it, it is difficult to sustain economic liberty. Various communist countries tried to ensure economic liberty without providing political liberty to their people. But such efforts were not sustainable and eventually, most such political systems collapsed.

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political liberty is that liberty which can be understood in the fields of politics.For ex-in political liberty everyone has the freedom to stand in the elections,campaign and ask for out.No one can be discriminated against on the basis of anything.Here,if a person from backward class wins the eletion,he/she will get his/her's honoured seat,no one can ever discriminate them and say that they can't because they are from lower classes.According to economic liberty we all inspite of anything gets freedom in an economy.For ex-if two workers work on the same farm then both must and should get equal wages.They can't be discriminated against.
                                                          The relationship that exists here is that if there is political liberty then automatically we will have economic liberty.If our rulers are as one and equal then the lower classes will be looked into and their situation can be taken care off!..
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