Explain the relationship between oppressor and the depths of oppressions. How do depths of oppression create heights of character? Please answer in detail.

Dear Student,

We can say that too much of dominance always brings out the fortitude and firmness of

purpose in human beings. Referring to heroes of freedom struggle like Oliver Tambos, the
Walter Sisulus, the Chief Luthulis and more, Nelson Mandela advocates that years of
suffering, oppression and brutality were incidental in producing extraordinary men of
courage, wisdom and generosity. It is highly doubtful that men of such brilliance would
ever be born again. He concludes that plausibly unbearable oppression inspires the birth
of men with exceptional courage and wisdom.
Our country India has a history that is a landscape of those men with unwonted courage
and determination whose potential was elicited by the severe domination and
atriciousness of the British rule. Such men were born to end the British tyranny in India.


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