Explain the organisation of central, provincial and military of the marathas

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  • Shivaji was a successful administrator.He divided his kingdom into four provinces.Further the provinces were divided into parganas and Parganas were divided into Tarafs and tarafs divided into village units.
  • His councils of eight ministers,called the ashtrapradhan,counselled him on all important matters.
  • The council of minister consisted of Peshwa,Senapati,Nyayadhisha,Majumdar,Pant Sachiv,Sumanta,Mantri,Dandadhyaksha.
  • The main sources of income was land revenue .The state's share was fixed at two-fifth of the produce.
  • Two kinds of taxes were levied on the areas are not directly under the Maratha rule Chauth and Sadeshmukhi.
  • Chauth was the one-fourth of the total land revenue was collect as tax.Sardeshmukhi was the one tenth of the total land revenue was paid as tributary tax to the Maratha chiefs.
  • Shivaji army was well trained and disciplined.
  • It was divided into the infantry and the Cavalry .He also constructed strong forts which were guarded by special officers.
  • Marathas had an organised army under the Peshwas.
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