Explain the merits and demerits of

a) one party system

b) two party system

c)multi party system

Single Party System- Advantages

a.Quick and expedient decision making 
b. It leads to political stability. 

Disadvantages of a Single Party system:

a. It does not give representation to different social groups and interests 
b. It doesn't' offer any choice to the people 
c. It is not democratic.
Bi-party System - Advantages

a. It gives clear choice to the candidates. 
b. It is easier to obtain clear majority. 
c. It provides for a strong opposition to keep a check on the government. 

Disadvantages of a Bi party system:

a. It is not suitable for large countries with diverse interests. 
b. There is not enough choice for the voters. 
c. It may lead to cabinet dictatorship by the winning candidates.

Multi-party system- Advantages

a It gives representation to most sections and groups of society. 
b. It gives ample choice to the voters. 

Disadvantages of a multi party system:

a. Decision making may take lots of time and involve compromises to accommodate different viewpoints.
b. It leads to political instability.
c. Too many parties may often confuse the voters.

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