Explain the measures to combat the problems of communalism ?

  • India is a secular county and there are many religions prevalent in the country
  • Our Constitution provides to its citizens of India the freedom to preach any religion and it also prohibits any discrimination on the basis of religion
  • Equality is one of the fundamental rights of the Constitution
  • Untouchability has been banned in India and since ​communalism is a delicate issue in a democratic country like India Government has taken many steps for the upliftment of different castes like Muslims, Christians, SCs by giving equal opportunities in every field, like education, job opportunities etc​

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communalism should not be seen as a threat to some people of india rather it affects the very idea of india. Therefore communalism needs to be combated.A secular constitution like ours is necessary but not enough to combat communalism.Communal prejudices and propaganda need to be coutered in everyday life.Religion based mobilisation needs to be countered in arena of politics.

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