explain the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. plzz its urgent

Green Belt movement:

a. It is basically an NGO which works towards conserving environment.

b. Founded by Wangari Maathai in 1977, the movement aimed at empowering indigenous community and encouraging afforestation.

c. The movement over a course of time  realized that government policies were largely responsible for deforestation and displacement of the communities.

d. Government in order to secure power encouraged  ethnic conflict among the communities over the land.

e. The lesson that you draw from this is that since communities were engaged in fighting against each other, they did not make demand for establishing democracy and changes in the political system.

f. Thus, in order to demand for democracy it is important for citizens to remain alert and vigilant and not indulge in fighting or rift among themselves.

g. Conflict among the groups are easily exploited for narrow political gains.

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