explain the goals of psychological enquiry

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The goals of psychological enquiry are as follows:

  • Description − It is very important in a scientific enquiry to describe the behaviour or a phenomenon accurately in order to be able to deal with it.

  • Prediction − Scientific enquiry aims at the understanding of a particular behaviour in relationship to other behaviours or events. It tries to predict their occurrences under certain conditions with a margin of error.

  • Explanation − Scientific enquiry is conducted to know the causal factors or determinants of behaviour and the conditions where the behaviour does not occur.

  • Control − Being able to explain behaviour also leads to the control in behaviour by making changes in its antecedent conditions. The control refers to making a particular behaviour happen, reduce it and enhance it.

  • Application − Application of a particular behaviour aims at bringing about positive changes in the lives of people by solving their problems in various settings.


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