Explain the following points on the topic Unemployment:
-> Causes of unemployment
-> Effects of unemployment
-> Related facts and figures
-> Preventive actions
-> Conclusion
-> Bibliography
Explain the above points in detail.


Causes of unemployment:
  • ​​​​​Constant increase in population is one of the important causes of unemployment in India.
  • Unemployment in the field of agriculture is common because of the seasonal nature of agriculture.
  • The rate of industrial growth is slow. Avenues of employment created by industrialisation are very few..
  • Another cause of unemployment  is inequitable distribution of land. Many agricultural households have no or very little access to land which is an important asset for agricultural production and employment.
 Effects of unemployment
  • Unemployment is surely detrimental to the overall growth of country's economy.
  • It transforms the vital population of the country onto a liability. 
  • Unemployment also increases the poverty rate of the country in both rural and urban areas hampering the progress of the country.
  • Unemployment in both rural and urban areas also leads to food insecurity, unemployed lack regular income , hence are impacted by lack of adequate availability of food.
  • Unemployment in rural areas becomes the worst victims, they become victims of poverty, many of them are then compelled to commit suicide , or take loans and remain entangled in the cycle of debts.
Related facts and figures
  • ​​​​​​Those who fail to secure employment became a burden on limited family income and thus per capita consumption level decreases.The decrease in consumption level further decreases someone's earning capacity and he is unable to save for his future prospects. It has been observed that most poor people are either intermittently employed or not employed at all.
  • The unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent in April, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 5.9 million.
 Preventive actions
  • The government must provide for alternate employment opportunities in rural areas, which can employ people at the time when they are no engaged in any task, this will help to counter seasonal unemployment.
  • Must also bring more land under cultivation, this will certainly give more employment to people.
  • Government must also encourage more cooperatives, which will help in generating employment.
  • Government can also undertake construction of new projects, like construction of dams for better irrigation, which would employ more people.
  • Also can to provide for cheap credit to  marginal farmers, this will help them to expand production.
  • Over population, lack of job opportunities, recession and the current slide in economic growth have all led to unemployment.
  • The private sector has witnessed 'pink slips' being handed out to many employees.
  • Often, well educated and qualified youth are left jobless.
  • Unemployment leads to frustration among the youth and can force them to follow the wrong path of crime.
  • It leads to further burdening of the national resources and economic downfall of the nation.
  • More job opportunities need to be created, offbeat careers should be promoted, the government should utilise the qualified work force in nation building projects.
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