1. Explain the following functions of marketing: 

  1. Gathering and analysing market information; 

  1. Marketing planning; 

  1. Customer support services; and 

  1. Physical distribution.  


1. Gathering and analysing market information:- The gathering and analysis of market data is one of a marketer's key responsibilities. In order to create products that satisfy customers, it is critical to understand the demands and desires of the market. It is also crucial to conduct a market analysis to identify the various dangers and opportunities.

2. Marketing Planning:- The formulation of successful marketing plans is another crucial task or area of a marketer's work that must be completed in order to meet the organization's marketing goals. He must create a comprehensive marketing strategy that addresses all pertinent issues, such as the plan to boost production, promote the items, etc., and outline the action plans needed to accomplish these goals. Planning also contains different tactics that should be used at key moments.

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