explain the features of staffing

Features of Staffing

1)Staffing is a function of management.2)It is an integral part of the management process.3)Staffing function is related to employment of personnel of all types - managerial as well as operative in the organization.4)Staffing includes a variety of activities through which the organization tries to ensure that various positions remain filled by the most suitable personnel.5)Staffing function is performed by every manager in the organization like other managerial functions, viz., planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, though they receive considerable staff assistance in performing staffing function.6)It is a continuous and never ending function. Manager of human resources department have to fulfill the staffing needs of an organization not only at the time of its inception but at all times. In addition, it has to hire, train and develop the staff which is an ongoing process.7)It is a pervasive function. In large organizations, there is generally a separate human resources department. The manager of human resources is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training and appraisal of his subordinates.8)Staffing is a difficult function since it deals with the needs of human beings. Individuals are not having mere factors of production but they have their own needs, emotions and aspirations.9)The main aim of staffing is to ensure optimum utilization of resources as well as to provide personal and social welfare satisfaction to employees.

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