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A joint is a point or a location in our body where two bones make contact or are joined together. Our body has different types of joints, which help us move and perform different activities. The various joints present in the human body are:

Ball and Socket Joint
The joint present between the arm and the shoulder is the ball and socket joint. At this joint, the end of one bone fits into the cavity of the other bone. This type of joint allows movements in all directions.
Pivotal joint
This type of joint is present where the neck joins the head. These joints permit the bones to turn around or rotate. However, it allows movement in some particular directions only.
For example, we can turn our head in four directions i.e., right, left, forward, and backward.
Hinge joints
Hinges allow the door to move to and fro.
Knee and elbow joints are examples of hinge joints in our body. These joints allow movement in one direction only i.e., to and fro movement.
Fixed joints
These joints cannot move at all. For example, the bones in our head cannot move.

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