explain the difference between caste in politics and politics in caste? please reply soon. i've formattive test tomorrow!!!.....

The differences can be gauged from the following:
Caste in Politics Politics in caste
a. When we refer to caste in politics, we refer to various forms caste can take in politics, and how this issue which is indeed a social factor gets politicised. Politics in caste, explains how politics impacts caste, it explains how various caste based groups are trying to assert their rights in their quest to acquire power and authority.
b. For instance,  Caste has also emerged as major vote bank factor during elections. Political parties try to muster support on the basis of caste by exploiting the caste sentiments of the people, fielding candidates of a particular caste to reach out to more and more people We may give example  rise of many caste based groups, forward or backward caste groups who with the support of caste based parties, have been influencing the decisions of the government.
c.With legal and political rights being extended to the historically most marginalised community members, political parties try to expand their support base. We have seen rise of many caste based groups and of caste based parties, have been wielding considerable power in their respective states and influencing the decisions of the central government.
d. Caste in politics also explains how caste is an important factor in elections, if not the only factor. These groups have also entered into bargaining and negotiations among themselves for the purpose of wielding more power, The Dalits, OBC''s have acquired political consciousness  pressed for reservations.


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