explain the concept of inertia by explaining the example of the two riders on the bike. pls explain why the back seater moves back wards on sudden accleleration and why forward as the brakes are applied.. pls explain in a simple manner if possible.

The law of inertia states that a body tends to be at rest or a body at constant motion will continue its motion unaltered, unless disturbed by an external force.

So, we can say inertia is a kind of opposition to the change in the state of motion. When the bike accelerates suddenly the back seater who was initially at rest experiences a force of friction at the point of contact between him and the bike. His inertia of rest tries to keep him at rest which results in a backward push. Thus, the back seater moves backwards when the bike accelerates suddenly.

When the brakes are applied the inertia of motion of the back seater tries to keep him in motion so he moves forward.

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