Explain the 5 conditions necessary for the successful working of democracy ?

The following are the prerequisites of a Democracy:

a. Fundamental rights- They serve the foundation of any democratic rule. Freedom to exercise choice, freedom of speech and expression, freedom to dissent serves as the real test for a democracy.

b. Periodic elections- Elections must take place regularly so as to bring about peaceful transition from one government to another. Presence of an independent body to conduct free and fair elections is imperative.

c.  Presence of Political Parties- It is important to have two or more parties so a to offer real choices to the people.

d. Adequate representation to groups- This forms the basis of democratic rule. A democracy must ensure adequate power sharing among the groups, individuals and must ensure decentralization so that there is more and more participation and representation of the people.

e. Freedom of Press- Media plays an important role in a democracy in making an informed vigilant citizenry and also in keeping an eye on the government.

f. Independent Judiciary- It is imperative to have independent judicial system which serves as the guardian of our fundamental rights.

g. Opposition- To keep a check on the government in and outside the Parliament and also to provide alternative  to the people of the country.

h. Presence of Rule of Law- A democracy is based on a system of rules and not according to whims and fancies of a ruler.

i. Freedom to form groups ,associations is important for people to vent their grievances.

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