Explain social control along with its types and also present different Sociological perspectives for same

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Social control is nothing, it's just the control of society over individuals. In order to maintain the organization and the balance of society, a person has to be kept under some sort of control. This is necessary in order to have desired decent behaviour from the individual and this, in turn, enables them to develop social qualities.
As per the sociologists, Social control is the term applied to those mechanisms by which any society maintains a normative social system. This indicates all the ways and means by which society enforces conformity to its norms. 

As per Karl Mannheim, the famous social thinker has categorized the forms of social control under two headings:

(a) Direct social control: This directly regulates and controls the behaviour of an individual. This is mainly to be found in families, neighbourhoods, play-groups and other different primary groups. In this type basically institutions, parents, neighbours, teachers, classmates and others keep control over the behaviour of the individuals.

(b) Indirect social control: In this, distant factors keeps control over the behaviour of an individual. This is mainly exercised by secondary groups through customs, traditions, rationalised behaviour and others. In this public opinion are very important forms of indirect social control.


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