Explain que 4 it's correct ??????

Explain que 4 it's correct ?????? i B) the figure there ts inetiicient use oi resources, then the e•eonomy will operate inside the ISI'C. in the figure: 2. •Massive unemployment shiit the to the left", defenY refute Ans. This statement is refuted. Massive unemployment is due to not decrease the capacit•,' economy to produce. Therefore, there will be no shift of PPC will operate inside the P PC due to underutilisation of resources. 3. A of people died and many factories were destroyed in an eareupak.e I natural r affect the P PC ? Ans. The PPC of the economy will shift to its left as there is accordingly possibility to produce maximum reduces due to destn=-tÄM oi 4. Draw a PPC to represent the following on it Underemployment of resources Growth of resources Fuller utilisation of resources Points L, M, N represent under-employment oi rescmrces. Points A, H, D, l, E represent fuller utilisation of resources. Points S, T. [1 represent growth of resources.

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