explain he diff types of small scale retail shops

why are the consumer cooperative stores considered to be less expansive ? what r their types

what difficulties can a consumer face if there is no retail shop

what do u understand by internal trade

discuss tpes of internal trade in brief

explain the services of a wholesaler to a produser and retailer

write a short note on shopping malls

discribe the role and functions of the chamber to commerce

what is meant by internal trade

what do u understand by wholesale trade

enumerate the features of retail trade

how does market information provided by a wholesaler benefit the manufacturer

diff b/w itinerants and fixed shop retailers

what is super bazar

what is diff b/w a hawker and a pedlar

who are itinerants? name diff tpes of itinerenats

give diff b/w single line store and speciality store

enumerate the services of wholesaler to manufactures

state the any five functions of a retailer in brief

state benifits of super markets

expain the meaning of automatic vending machine

define a wholesaler and discribe it's functions

describe the functions of departmental stores

expain diff b/w departmental and chian stores

if wholesaler is eliminitaed what difficultis do u think the manufactures will have to face

distinguish b/w a wholesaler and retailer

what r general stores

expain the features of general stores

explain the benefits of a v machine

In response to first part of your query, small scale retail shops are: 
1. Street stalls
‚Äč2. General Stores
3. Single line stores
4. Speciality shops
5. Seconds' shops

Internal trade refers to the process of exchanging goods and services within the national boundaries of a country. In other words, the buying and selling of goods and services within the domestic territory of a country is known as internal trade. Purchases of goods from a local shop, a mall or an exhibition are all examples of internal trade. The government does not levy customs or import duties on goods and services that are produced within the country for meeting the domestic demand.

Types of Internal trade are:
(a) Wholesale trade: It refers to the buying and selling of goods in bulk−that is, the exchange of large quantities of goods meant for resale in local markets.
(b) Retail trade: It refers to the buying and selling of goods in small quantities for final consumption.

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