explain any two devices by which autogamy is preventd in flowering plants

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autogamy is prevented in flowering plants by :-

1)Dichogamy: Sometimes the stamens and stigma of a bisexual flower mature at different time to prevent autogamy.

2) Self incompatibility being genetic mechanism prevent self-pollination.

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Autogamy is prevented by formation of Unisexual flowers. Two conditions are their:

Monoecious Plants : Male and female flowers are produced on the same plant. It prevents autogamy but not geitonogamy. Example : Maize

Dioecious Plants : Male and female flowers are produced on two separate plants. It prevents autogamy as well as geitonogamy. Example: Papaya

In some species the anther and stigma are placed at different position, so that pollan cannot come in contact with the stigma of the same flower.

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