Explain about the arrival of the british as traders and about how they become tue ultimate power in India.
(Not in paragraph. Point wise in simple words)

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a.British rule in India was initially represented by East India Company which was primarily a trading corporation, however with the industrial revolution and growing British economic interests, the British empire indulged in territorial expansion establishing political control as well over these areas, thus emerging as a Colonial Power where it extended its influence and power.
b. East India company which was primarily a trading group initially started its trade in India and how it exported India's silk, handicrafts, cotton, spices outside, making India's name a byword in the international trade.
c. The company in order to establish its monopoly also entered into a series of battles with rival companies of the Dutch, French and Portuguese. In an attempt to control the market and make huge profits the companies pitted against each other.It led to fierce battle among them, They sank each other's ships, blocked trade routes, they also prevented rival ships from moving
d. Then company got an exclusive right to trade in India, and in order to consolidate its position it pitted one ruler against the other to establish firm control over India.  We may give examples of Battle of Plassey , Buxor.
e.  The company not only entered into wars with Indian rulers like Anglo Mysore, but through its policies like doctrine of lapse , subsidiary alliance expanded its control.
f. The Company brought about changes in the revenue system , it introduced Permanent Settlement , to suit their requirements. Under this system the Zamindars and other revenue collectors were converted into landlords, they became owners of the land and acted as agents of government.
g. The Company also  introduced Mahalwari system under which revenue was to be collected from the village and the Ryotwari system from which revenue was to be collected directly from the cultivators. Its economic policies resulted in a massive drain of wealth.

h. The  British laid the foundation of new administrative reforms, system of justice to consolidate its hold .


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