Experts why we take the cos component in gauss law if according to this point field is always normal to the surface please explain:

2. At the surface of a charged conductor, electrostatic field must be normal to the surface at every point 

If  E were not normal to the surface, it would have some non-zero component along the surface. Free charges on the surface of the conductor would then experience force and move. In the static situation, therefore, E should have no tangential component. Thus electrostatic field at the surface of a charged conductor must be normal to the surface at every point. (For a conductor without any surface charge density, field is zero even at the surface.) See result 5. 

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 According to Gauss lawE.dS=qε0But  in case of charged conductor the Electric field must be normal to the surfaceat every point because if it has other component than it will have tagential component of Eso the charges will experience force but as E is normal to surfaceE.dS=0as it is EdScos900=0Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.  If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.  Regards

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