Expansion on heating can be of nuisance . Give some examples

Examples of nuisance of thermal expansion:1)Due to high temperature in hot summer, the railway rails may expandand change thier shape to irregular shape. This may cause derailmentof trains which travel on the track. This can be prevented by leavingsmall space between successive rails.2)Due to high temperature in hot summer, cement floors or walls maygive cracks. This can be prevented by leaving small gaps betweendifferent sections of the floor.

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Some examples are
1. The railway tracks over which a train runs are made of iron. During summer, the iron expands. To allow this expansion, space has to be left between two sections if rails. If this is not done, expansion of tracks can cause them to bend. This can cause serious accidents.
2. In similar way, in steel bridges, one end is made to rest on rollers, with enough space provided for expansion during summer. If this not done, accidents can occur.
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