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The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) in India is a unique setup to carry out surveys on socio-economic, demographic, agricultural and industrial subjects for collecting data from house holds and from enterprises located in villages and in the towns. It is a focal agency of the Govt. of India for collection of statistical data in the areas which are vital for developmental planning. The National Sample Survey Directorate was first setup in the country in the ministry of finance in 1950. The directorate was subsequently transferred to the cabinet secretariat in 1957 and subsequently in 1970 it became a part of NSSO in the department of statistics under the ministry of planning. Since 1999 it is under the newly created Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation(MOSPI).
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National Sample Survey Organisation
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Earlier this organisation was known as National Sample Survey Organisation but now it is known as National Sample Survey Office...
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reports and publications of National Sample Survey office is another imp source of secondary data in India. NSSO is govt organisation under the ministry of statistics and programmes implementation. This organisation conduct regular sample survey to collect basic statistical information relating to variety of economic activity in rural as well as urban parts of the country
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National Sample Survey Organisation.It conducts surveys all over the country
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