example of frictional force ?

Friction force between shoes and the floor help us in walking. 

Friction force help us in holding a pen. 

Of more examples refer the answer poster by Sneha and Akanksha.

@ Sneha and Akanksha: Well done good effort! 

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friction is of four types

static friction

sliding friction

rolling friction

fluid friction

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- walking: if there is no friction between your shoes/feet and the floor, you would be slippering in one place forever.
- when cold, you rub your hands together to warm your hands. the heat comes from friction.
- breaks: friction force is used to stop your car/bike when you step on the breaks.

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eg. of friction:

1. when we rub our hands, they get heated, bcoz of friction.

2. when we apply brakes of any vehivle, it stops.

3. when we are writting, we are able to make different letters.

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