example for internal trade?

Internal trade:Trade which takes place within a country.

Types of internal trade:1. Whole sale trade and 2.Retail trade

Examples of Internal trade:1.Wholesale trade- Veeras textile shop buying from manufacturers etc.,.

2.Retail trade- Departmental store in the locality, Petty shops etc.,.

RETAILTRADE:: 1. Itenerant retail 2. fixed shop retail.

Examples:: 1. Itinerant retail - Peddlers Hawkers, market traders, street traders,cheap jacks Etc.,.

2. Fixed shop retail - General stores, speciality stores, second hand goods shops, single line stores etc.,. for small fixed retail. - Departmental stores, multiple shops are chain stores, mail order business etc.,. for large scale retail.

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Local departmental store, petty shops, local markets, Vending machines

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