Every letter of the English alphabet is coded into numbers like A stands for 1, B for 2 and so on.. Decode the letters used in the phrase RESPECT GIVEN IS RESPECT EARNED. Find the probability of each letter used (only once) to form the phrase from the total sum of all the 27 decoded letters

As given A stand for 1, B for 2, C for 3 and so on.RESPECT GIVEN IS RESPECT EARNED can be decoded as, 

18519165320 7922514 919 18519165320 51181454
Now total sum of all the letter used =
18+5+19+16+5+3+20+ 7+9+22+5+14+ 9+19+ 18+5+19+16+5+3+20 +5+1+18+14+5+4=304
total non repeating numbers = RESPCTGIVNAD
So sum of these numbers = number of favourable ways = 18+5+19+16+3+20+7+9+22+14+1+4=138
So required probability
=number of favourable outcomestotal number of outcomes=138304=69152

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