Ethanamine vs N-Methylmethanamine

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Ethanamine is a primary amine while N-methylmethanamine is a secondary amine. They can be distinguished with the help of Carbylamine Test. 
This test is given by primary amines but not by secondary amines. Therefore, Ethanamine will gives this test while N-methylmethanamine will not.
Primary amines when warmed with chloroform and an alcoholic solution of KOH, form carbylamine which have unpleasant or foul smell.
CH3CH2NH2  +  CHCl3  +3KOH (alc.)   Warm     CH3CH2NC  + 3KCl + 3H2OEthanamine                                                                           Ethyl isocyanide                                                                                                     (foul smell)           (CH3)2NH   +  CHCl3  +3KOH (alc.)   Warm     No reaction  N-methylmethanamine

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