essay on-"how does contemporary cinemas help us in understanding our pre-modern past?"

Such questions are asked to help in building your writing as well as creative skills, hence an attempt at answering them on your own should be made. However, you can incorporate and elaborate upon the points mentioned below to form your own answer:
  • The human mind being more enthralled by visual stimulus, the visualisation of history makes us understand it better.
  • The making of any film/documentary dealing with pre-modern era requires thorough research and accuracy, hence it is informative and represents the time factually, except maybe a few creative allowances.
  • It chronicles the lives of the people and also can help us understand the genesis of a lot of things that have been filtered down to our present times.
  • It is a reflection of the times and the re-imagining of history; sometimes what cannot be expressed in words is expressed beautifully visually.
  • It also facilitates critical reasoning, and adds a contemporary perspective to history that is not tainted with bias.

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