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House and Home

House and Home are the words which are used interchangeably in our day to day lives but they greatly differ in their meaning. A house is a mere structure of bricks, mortar and stones or a building which provides you a shelter. While a Home is a place which is built by the love and affection of the people staying there. Home is a house filled with intense feeling of love, care and affection among the family members.
A house is a place where you stay but a home is a place where your heart belongs to. You feel connected to your home, have your memories attached to that place. A home is where your true happiness lies, where your family resides joyfully while a house is a mere domestic shelter where you only stay to prevent yourself from the adversities of nature.
Happiness, peace and love binds a home. You can buy a big house or a building but you can never buy a happy home. No matter how grand or lavish the house is, it can never guarantee you happiness. People believe that "bigger the house, greater is the happiness" but they are not fortunate enough to understand the true meaning of Home. Home is a place where you live, love and feel comfortable. Is a place you look forward to going to at the end of your day. 
That is why it is said " A home is where heart is" because wherever you are, no place is more secure, comfortable, lovely as your home.
In short, a home is a house filled with joy, love and happiness.

You may further elaborate your answer using these points:
* A place where nobody lives can never become somebody's home.
* It lacks the warmth of relationships, emotions and attachment.
* Big buildings therefore, do not necessarily make happy homes.
* A house becomes a home when people make it a part of their everyday life.
* It is full of the emotions of the people living in that building.
* Even a small house becomes a sweet happy home if its inmates know the value of relationships.


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