enzyme  its functions?


What are enzymes? Name the factors on which its functioning depends.


Asked by Apurva,   on 15/5/12

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Replied by Kunal Sharma,   on 16/5/12

enzymes or biological catalyst are mainly proteins some ribonucelic acid can also function as enzymes.its function depends on specific temp,Ph and concentration of substrate...

Replied by sreenath,   on 15/5/12

i got the ans..

Enzymes are biological catalysts that help in digestion of food by increasing the speed.

It depends on temperature, p.H & substance concentration(quantity).

pls correct if im wrong.

Replied by Apurva,   on 15/5/12

in a clear way, enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up various biochemical reactions. eg unwinding DNA helix , glycolysis etc. most of the enzymes are proteins but some RNA molecules have also showed catalytic properties they are called ribozymes. in translation process ribozyme in ribosome named peptidyl transferase is ribozyme.

enzymes are active under optimum Ph temperature and pressure only.

Replied by sreenath,   on 15/5/12

enzymes arenot only hving digestion but also various functons like DNA replication, carbonic anhydrase in respiration, glutathion peroxidase in antioxidant..etc etc...substrate concentration doesnt have any effect. but when all the active site of enzyme are occupied rate of reaction become stable

Replied by sreenath,   on 15/5/12

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