enumerate the various methods of collecting primary data . discuss the merits and demerits of any one of them.

Methods of collecting primary data

1) Direct personal investigation-In this method the investigator personally take the interviews of the respondents and gets the first hand imformation.If the field of enquiry is not large this method is considered better.In this method the investigator must be trained,well aware about the topic and capable of making everything clear to respondent and he must be enough tactful to handle difficult situations.

2)Indirect oral investigation-This method is used where the informants are hesitant to pass on the information for any reason.If the data is complicated enough to get any answer from the informants then this is used. Investigators appointed by the government apply this technique of collectiong the data.The indifferent attitude of people ,the investigator take interviews few other persons who are directly or indirectly related with the information.

3)schedules filled by enumerators-In this method enumerators are given some performa with standard set of questions .In this method enumerators visit respondants personally with questionnaires and tell them to get these filled

4)Mailed questionnaires method-Under this method a questionnaire is prepared containing simple and easy objective type question .These questionnaires are sent by post to the persons capable of giving answers to the questions

MERITS OF Mailed questionnaires
1)This method is useful when enquiry is very large
2)This method involves less expenditure
3)The data collected by this method is original and to the point.
1)If the imformants happen to be illiterate this method prove to be failure
2)The respondants may not return the questionnaires in time

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