​Elaborate the above lines historically. 
It is from Page number 49 of History (NCERT) Book, Class 7/
Q. Prince Khurram, the future Emperor Shah Jahan, rebelled in the last years of his reign. The efforts of Nur Jahan, Jahangir's wife, to marginalise him were unsuccessful.
(Pg 49 ,History 7)

Towards the last years of his reign, Jahangir came increasingly under the influence of his wife, Nur Jahan, who became the real power behind the throne. Nur Jahan wanted to install another of Jahangir's son, Shahryar, to the throne since Shahryar had married Nur Jahan's daughter from her earlier marriage. This caused Shah Jahan, who was then known as Khurram, to rebel against Jahangir. Khurram lost and the rebellion failed. Jahangir, however, forgave him and he was able to become the emperor after Jahangir's death.

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