Elaborate on Maria Sharapova's life style and attitude.

Maria Sharapova is a strong woman who is determined and hard-working. She is very competitive and focused towards her goal. She has no room for sentiment in her profession as such and is bold at heart. Moreover, she has her priorities sorted out and diligently works towards her aim. She had to sacrifice a lot to achieve her ambition but she finds her success worth such sacrifices. She has toughness of mind and character. Even when bullied as a little girl, she did not lose hope or her focus. Further, as the world number one now, she still stays down-to-earth and quite frank. Even now she is fully determined and does not show any signs of slackening.

Maria Sharapova has varied interests. She is equally interested in fashion, singing, dancing and reading. She likes gowns and other sophiaticated clothing. Also she is a food lover who enjoys pancakes with chocolate spread and fizzy drinks. Thus, she does what she likes even if some of them are not believed to go together. This shows that she is not easily swayed by others' opinions and has her own individuality. She is a person who cannot be categorised as such but has a life-style that suits her and appeals to her. She has not chosen a set life-style option but has created a world of her own keeping in mind her interests.

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