During your trip to a famous historical place you saw that the walls of ancient temples and palaces are filled with people's names and messages. Some of them have even carved with nails or some other sharp instruments. You felt sad that instead of preserving the rich heritage, we are spoiling it. Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. (100 – 120 words)  

Your letter should include

  • your experience
  • your feelings
  • suggesting for stopping this practice and preserving the heritage buildings

Shivani Kapoor
12, New Shah Residency

The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Preserving India's rich heritage

Dear Sir, 
India is a country full of ancient temples and monuments. We have a rich heritage of historical buildings which many countries do not have. Modern buildings cannot compete with the beauty and grandeur of these ancient structures. But, alas! We Indians do not value what we got easily. These historical places have been handed down to us on a platter by our ancestors who toiled hard to build such massive monuments even in absence of all the scientific gadgets that we have now.
On my recent visit to the temples in the Ajantha Caves, I was shocked to see the condition of the walls. Graffiti is written all over the walls. People do not hesitate to scribble their names wherever they find an empty spot. Messages are written with coal and all kinds of writing material. It really looked so awful to see drawings of silly things in such a sacred place. People should preserve the sanctity of these structures because they are the property of the coming generation. It should be kept clean and tidy.
I think people should be made aware of the value of these temples and other structures showing our culture. Fine must be imposed on those who scribble on the walls. Strict vigilance is necessary  if we want the next generation to know what was the cultural heritage of India. Through your newspaper kindly create awareness in the public to respect our heritage and take care of it.  
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Shivani Kapoor

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