draw a triangle xyz with base yz=8cm, zx=7cm and xy=5.5cm. draw an altitude and a median from vertex x on yz. measure their lengths. which is shorter and by how much ? Pls answer fast

Dear Student,

The solution is as under:

1.) Draw a straight line of 8 cm and name it YZ.
2.) Take a measurement of 7 cm and mark an over from Z over the line YZ.
3.) Take a measurement of 5.5 cm and cut this arc from Y. Name the point of intersection as X.
4.) Join XY and XZ which will give the required triangle.
5.) From X, mark two arcs on YZ and name them A and B.
6.) With the same measurement in compass, mark an arc from A and cut the same arc from B. Now, join this point of intersection with X. The point where this line will intersect YZ, name it C. Hence XC will be the altitude of the triangle from X
7.) Now, with more than half the length of YZ, cut arc on both the sides of YZ from Y. Similarly from Z, cut these arcs again and join the point of intersections of these two arcs. 
8.) The point where this line will intersect YZ, name it D. Join XD which will be the median of the triangle from X.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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