Draw a perpendicular bisector of XY whose length is 10.3cm

a).take any point p on the bisector.examine PX=PY

b).if M IS THE MID POINT  OF XY what caan you say about the lengths  MX and MY.

(1) Draw a line segment of 10.3 cm.

(2) Taking point X as centre, draw a circle by using compasses. 

The radius of circle should be more than half the length of .

(3) With the same radius as before, draw another circle using compasses while taking point Y as centre. 

Let it cut the previous circle at A and B.

(4) Join.  is the axis of symmetry.

(a) Take any point P on 

We will find that the measures of the lengths of PX and PY are same.

It is because is the axis of symmetry. 

Hence, any point lying on will be at the same distance from both the ends of.

(b) M is the mid-point of

Perpendicular bisector will be passing through point M. 

Hence, length ofis just double of.


Or, 2MX = XY

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I can show eou but I don't know who to draw lines in this answer box

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