Do you think India would have progressed more than it has since independence, if it still continued to be under Britush rule. Discuss.

Dear Student,

 Refer the following points:

It is indeed a hypothetical question as the colonial rule had its merits and disadvanatges. Had the British rule continued in India :

a.We would have continued  with the colonial economic and political policies.
b.  As they developed network of roads, railways, they would have further expanded such a network.
b.  Colonial brought about city planning, encouraged public health and services, which certainly helped and would have been a boon.
c. They would have further revamped system of modern education.
d.  As the British established judicial services, Indian civil services, brought about administrative unity in the country, they would have continued with the same administrative structure.
e. The colonial regime would have eliminated many social evils hampering the progress of our Nation.
f. However, British would have favored their own industries at the cost of Indian industries.
g. They would have completely i
mpoverished agriculture, with high rate of revenue.
h. They would have denied basic principles of liberty, equality , freedom to the Indians.
i. We would have been continued to be dominated and subjugated.
j. Our industries , agriculture would have been given a huge blow.


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