Do we have to memorize constant values for board exams?
If so, then what values should we memorize?

Solution :

Some of the constant values are important.
Various types of constant used in every chapter of physics all are equally important and most of the time constant values are provided with the question.
Although, I am providing you a list of some, so that you can learn them if you find a need to.
• Planck's constant 
• Electron mass
• Charge on electron 
• Avagadro number
• Speed of light 
• Magnitude of 1/4πε0
• Universal gas constant
• Permittivity of free space
• Permeability of free space 
• Acceleration due to gravity
• Specific heat of water
• Speed of sound in air at normal room temperature 
• Specific heat of water 

​​Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.

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NOT that much you have to memorize the important ones not all the constant values for board exams. It is not that compulsory as it will be given with the questions.
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