do herbivores produce saliva with salivary amylase or without salivary amylase.? i read on the net that herbivored n omnivores produce salivary amylase whereas carnivores dont.

bt im reading Dinesh publication biology objective book, it says salivary amylase is absent in herbivores..

which one is true? shud i refer to dinesh for NEET? Can u suggest a best buk for reference in biology for NEET? plz just temme the best one or two..dont give me a big liwt, its hard to choose.

@ Shivani : There are two types of herbivores ruminants and non ruminants. Ruminants such as cow swallow  there food and does not have salivary amylase. But non ruminants like deer, rabbit do have salivary amylase in there saliva. 

For NEET you can refer to study material by meritnation. It is precise and have tests also.

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