"dmocracy is the best way to fight to recognition and reconsoliation of social diversity". Justify the statement

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Social differences and social divisions do exist in every country. However, it is the duty of all democracies to negate all differences and treat all equally or provide equal opportunities to all. Concept of Rule of Law is all designed to avoid giving recognition to the privileged before the law. Since Democracy is a government where all have the right to express and to be heard, recognition of difference would affect the solidarity.

For  a multi-cultural country like India negating social diversity is not possible. All have their separate wants and demands, esp. the deprived and the marginalized. It is a responsibility of the Government to bring them at par with the others and thus sometimes some special benefits are provided to them. In India, reservation of seats for the SCs, STs in government services is a way to combat inequalities. These steps do not loosen solidarity rather helps to develop better bonds and reconsolidate social diversity.


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