Distinguish between training and development.


Training and development are related yet distinct concepts. Though both the concepts focus on improvement of an individual but the perspectives are different. Training on one hand refers to providing the skills and abilities for a particular job. Development on the other hand, refers to the concept of growth of an individual as a whole. 

The following points highlight the difference between training and development. 

Basis of Difference




Training refers to the process of enhancing the skills and competence of an employee that are required to perform a specific job. 

Development refers to the process of overall growth of an employee. 


The focus of training is the specific job requirement and is thereby, job-oriented. 

The focus of development is overall growth and is thereby, career-oriented. 


Training is narrow in scope and focuses on how one can become more efficient in the intended job. 

Development is wider in scope and focuses on the overall personality development of the employee. Training is a part of development. 



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