Distinguish between the municipal corporation, municipal council, Nagar panchayat.(NOTE, Make sure three of these categories are mentioned MUST)

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Nagar Palika is a type of local self-government depended with certain obligations and duties, as revered in the Constitutional (74th Amendment) Act, 1992. Under Article 243Q, it got mandatory for each state to comprise such units. 

The 74th amendment made the arrangements identifying with urban local governments (Nagarpalikas). 

Three-level structure: 

Municipal corporations
Municipal councils 
Nagar panchayats 

The individuals from the Nagar Palika are chosen agents for a term of five years. The town is partitioned into wards as indicated by the populace, and delegates are chosen from each ward independently. The individuals choose a president among themselves to manage and lead gatherings.
A Nagar Parishad or city gathering is a type of an urban political unit in India practically identical to a region. An urban local body that regulates with more than 15,000 and under 25,000 occupants is delegated a "Nagar panchayat" or "Nagar Parishad". Nagar Parishad is additionally a type of local self-government, depended with certain obligations and duties, as cherished and guided upon by the Constitutional (74th Amendment) Act, 1992 

The distinction between Nagar Nigam and Nagar Palika 

Key Difference: Nagar Nigam, otherwise called a Municipal Corporation, is a local overseeing body which has a populace of more than one million. Nagar Palika, otherwise called a Municipality, is an urban local body that controls to a city with a populace of 10,000 to 30,000. 


Civil Corporation or Mahanagar Palika is to oversee cities with a populace of more than 1,000,000 individuals or 10 lakhs. 

Municipal Councils or Nagar Palika are for towns somewhere in the range of 25,000 and 1,000,000 in the populace. 
City councils or Nagar Panchayat are for towns with populaces somewhere in the range of 11,000 and 25,000 individuals. 


Region or Nagar Palika is controlled by Chairman and councillors. 

City Corporation or Mahanagar Palika's controlled by Mayor and Corporators. 

In both cases, all individuals are chosen by the residents. The quantity of individuals relies upon the size of the city. 


There are around 25 to 30 councillors in the Municipalities. 

While for a similar region just 2 to 3 corporators will be there its practically like 1:10 proportion.

Municipal Corporation or Mahanagar Palikas for Metropolitan cities. 

Region or Nagar Palika is for little cities.


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