distinguish between regional & national party ? give 4 point each? .

there r sm parties  area or region r known as regional parties

eg ;AGP inAsam etcwich r confined only 2 1 particular

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The difference between 'state' and 'national' party can be drawn from the name itself.

  • In a state party, the party members aim to heighten regional interest whereas in a national party, the national interest is given importance.
  • State party can contest elections only in that state whereas national party can contest elections in all states.
  • BJP, Congress are national parties whereas Akalis, Trinamool Congress are examples of State parties
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(i) National parties seek to represent and highlight policies related to common country wide issues of people whereas regional parties take up the issues of thier area and work to promote those issues.

(ii) In order to become a national party ,  a party must win 6 % votes in Lok Sabha elections or Assembly election in four states and secure 4 seats in Lok sabha whereas in order to become a regional or state party , a party must secure 6 % votes in State Assembly elections and secure atleast 2 seats In State legislative Assembly.

(iii) State or regional parties have their support in some units of federation or some regions of a country whereas National parties have significant presence in all units of federation.

(iv) INC , BJP , BSP are national parties whereas Asom Gana Parisad , Samajwadi party , etc are state parties. 

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i. A party that secures at least 6 per cent of the total votes in an election to the Legislative Assembly
of a State and wins at least two seats is recognized as a State party ( or regional party).A party that secures at least six per cent of total votes in Lok Sabha elections or Assembly 
elections in four States and wins at least four seats in the Lok Sabha is recognized as a national 

ii. Regional party will have influence in less than three states where as national parties will have 
influence in more than three states.

iii. In a state party, the party members aim to heighten regional interests whereas in national party, the national importance is given importance.

iv. Indian National Congress (INC) and Communist Party of India (Marxist) are examples of national 
parties and Telugu Desom of Andhra Pradesh and Akali Dal of Punjab are examples of regional 
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Difference between the National Party and Regional Party:
1) National party has influence all over the country or in many states of India. The influence of a regional party is limited to one state or a few regions.
2) National Parties deal with national interests whereas Regional Parties promote only the regional interests. 
3) Regional parties crave for more powers for their state and ask for more autonomy. The National Parties harmonies many conflicting regional interests and do not concede the demand if that amounts to a challenge to the National integrity and endangers its sovereignty.
4) For a national party, an exclusive symbol is kept reserved throughout the country. In case of a regional party, a symbol is reserved for it in the state in which it is recognized.
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