distinguish between primary and secondary data. illustrate your answers with examples.

Primary Data -The data that are collected by an investigator himself to carry out a specific research are known as primary data. Such data are collected by the investigator for the first time. They are collected from the original source of information. It gives the investigator a firsthand information relating to his study. For example, data regarding the fees charged by various private schools can be obtained by conducting a survey among the students for the same. Primary sources of data forms a reliable and accurate source of data since the data is collected by the investigator in accordance with the needs and requirements of the study.

Secondary Data -When the information is collected from the sources that already posses the required information, the source is known as secondary source. Data collected from such sources are not original as they have not been collected directly by the investigator rather they had been collected by someone else in the past.

Example - The use of data collected by any third person being used in the person who was in search of the data.

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the answer was in book of t.rjain pg-24 same to same

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hello  friend,                                                                                                                                                                           primary source of data refers to collection of data  from its source of region and secondary source of data refers from some agency or institution. primary source of data is more authentic and less costly where as secondary data is not so much authentic and it is quite costly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       keep posting.
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Primary data-data originally collected in the process of investigation are known as primary data.
Secondary data-data collected by other persons are called secondary fata.
Ex.-data relating to indian railways which are annually published by the railway board,would be secondary data for any researcher.
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