Discuss the social and economical condition under the cholas.


Economic and social conditions under Cholas are-
  • Cholas made new development in agriculture.They opened up areas for large scale cultivation.
  • Cholas had a well organised irrigation system .They also constructed canals to carry water to the fields.
  • The Cholas temples were rich and hence they took initiatives to invest in agriculture.
  • The Cholas period is regarded as one of the most remarkable period in Indian history.
  • It exhibited all round development and prosperity.
  • Their achievements in the field of agriculture will be remembered through the ages.
The period when the Cholas ruled the region —the Tamil Nadu of today —is often called the golden era of Tamil Nadu as it witnessed a spurt of socio-economic and cultural activities during their reign. “The Cholas ruled continuously for close to 430 years. It is a monarchy lasting over 20 generations.”


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