Discuss the need for promoting women’s education in India.

The access to education has always been lopsided towards India’s male population. Women have always been neglected in the field of education. The weaker and lower status of women in India can be attributed to the negligence of their education. Women have always been considered as a liability for a family. The roots of such thoughts are deep rooted in the traditional beliefs and customs. The role of women in the economic and social spheres cannot be neglected in order to achieve overall economic development and growth. With the rise in the educational levels and modernisation, people have realised the importance of female education. The need for female education should be highlighted in India in order to empower women. The following are the important points that advocate in favour of promoting women education:

i. Women education is essential for improving their economic independence and economic feasibility.

ii. Women education is important in order to raise the social and moral status of women.

iii. It plays a significant role in maintaining favorable fertility rate.

iv. Health care of women and children can be enhanced with education imparted to women.

v. An educated women can infuse good moral values and can impart quality education to her children.

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