discuss the growth of british influence with special reference to Mysore.(plz answer in points)

The British expanded their power through oppression,discrimination and fraud.The made the use of evil policies to conquer the land.They suppress the common people more and extracted more taxes from peasents. The relations between British and Mysore were always soaring and both were bitter enemies of each other.The relation of Mysore with French was good which was pinching the Britishers.Series of wars were fought ,in 1767-69 first Anglo-Mysore war took place in which Hyder Ali gind some success,in the second Anglo-Mysore war 1780-84 witnessed the bloodier battles,war of 1789-92 resulted into the heavy defeat of Mysore and the last battle in 1799 put an end to the glorious rule of Tipu with his death in the last war.  

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